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The Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks (PCT) working group is one of the Thematic Working Groups of the Civil Society at the World Summit on the Information Society.


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ECOSOC session to reform the CSTD for the WSIS Follow-Up
( 10-28 July 2006, Geneva )

A Bill concerning Copyright and related rights within the Information Society
( Late December 2005 - March 2006, May 2006 France )

Briefing for NGOS ( 7 December 2005, Geneva )

WSIS in TUNIS ( 13 - 19 November 2005 )

Intersessional negotiation work ( 24 - 28 October 2005, Geneva )

Third Inter-sessional Intergovernmental Meeting on a Development Agenda for WIPO
( 20-22 July, 2005, Geneva, Switzerland)

Some pictures of the Tunis Exhibition Park at KRAM

Third Meeting of WGIG( 18-20 April 2005, Open meeting : 18 April 2005 )

Virtual Conferencing Software

PrepCOM2 of Phase II 17-25 February 2005, Geneva (Switzerland)

The "Digital Object Identifiers" (DOI)

Unesco Microsoft Agreement

Chronogical Account of the Civil Society Process concerning the Establishment of the Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG)