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Declaration of Principles : Old 40C now 33 :

Intellectual property protection is essential to the information society. Striking a fair balance between protection of intellectual property, on one hand, and its use and knowledge sharing, on the other, is essential to the information society. Facilitating meaningful participation by all in intellectual property protection through awareness, capacity building, and a sound legal framework is a fundamental part of inclusive information society.

Proposed revision by Richard Stallman ( 23 September )

The Information Society should balance copyrights and patents with the promotion of access to knowledge. Copyrights and patents may be useful in the development of an Information Society. Existing copyright and patent regimes and international agreements do not strike a balance between property rights and incentives for the creation dissemination, and use of knowledge. Balance should be achieved between the public benefits of allowing private control of information, and the public benefits of making information accessible. International, intergovernmental and national agencies should work in partnership with the private sector and civil society to coordinate policies on ICT to promote the public benefit.